The Power of MITER Brands

We are so much more than the sum of our parts. Through our family of leading window and door brands Milgard and MI, we have the power to transform our industry, thanks to our shared passions of quality, our precision manufacturing and our relentless pursuit of 100%.

Our brands

One of the missions of MITER Brands is to unite and deliver the finest customer experiences possible across the nation. We also recognize that the United States is far from a monolith, and needs differ by region. In order to solve for the distinct climates, unique regional architectures and differing performance needs of customers across the country, our window and door brands exist to deliver regionalized expertise and products that are backed by the power of a national company.


Supplying the Eastern half of the United States with windows and doors, MI Windows and Doors has a long legacy in the construction and renovation industry.


MI Windows and Doors acquired Milgard in 2019 to expand its variety of products and longtime expertise into the Western part of the country.

MITER Brands

MITER Brands formed in 2022 to distinguish our product brands, Milgard and MI Windows and Doors, and unify our business units nationwide. Built from strong, purposeful acquisitions and recognized brands, both companies are true partners working together toward a common goal under MITER Brands.

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What’s in a name?

Learn the story behind the MITER Brands name.