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WINDOOR reveals new look and celebrity partnership

NORTH VENICE, Fla. – WINDOOR will reveal its new brand identity, including a new look and logo, for the first time at the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 27 – 29, 2024.

Founded in 2001 in Florida, WINDOOR’s portfolio consists entirely of products designed, tested, and built with coastal environments in mind. With its refreshed brand identity, WINDOOR builds on its foundation and steps forward as the first ultra-luxury window and door brand focused exclusively on coastal living innovations.

To further champion the brand’s new positioning, WINDOOR has partnered with HGTV celebrity designer Sarah Baeumler as its new brand ambassador.

“The look and feel of WINDOOR products align perfectly with the high end, luxury projects our team is working on throughout the year and I am thrilled to be working with the brand,” said Baeumler. “The customization, clean lines, and modern coastal aesthetic create products that truly add to the overall elevated design and style of a home, and I am excited to begin adding WINDOOR products to our portfolio.”

The new branding is underscored by the foundation of four brand pillars: pioneering spirit, continually driven to innovate and improve; relationship driven, highly focused on customer service solutions; advanced adaptability, elevating coastal living engineering with the highest levels of quality and engineering at every stage; and superlative artisanship.

The new WINDOOR logo introduces Winston, a hippocamp, to represent the perfect adaptation to land and sea. The hippocamp is a mythological creature that is half horse, half fish, and is referenced by the ancient Greeks as the sea god Poseidon’s steed and fine art through the ages as an eternal spirit of natural wonder and beauty.

“Our new brand icon, Winston the modern hippocamp, represents the ideal synergy between two distinct worlds: the highly desirable land of our coast and the stunning environment and vistas of our oceans,” said Denine Harper, Sr. Brand Manager of WINDOOR. “Just as WINDOOR provides pioneering solutions that are at the forefront of the design and functionality for luxury coastal lifestyles, our icon symbolizes an advanced adaptability and engineering with every product and material innovation we create.”

At this year’s IBS, WINDOOR will showcase new products, as well as several of its most in-demand windows and doors. On display at IBS will be the Series 8100 Narrow-Stile Sliding Glass Door, Pivot Wall, Envista Seamless Glazed Window Wall, Bifold Door, Series GD9995A Garage Door, and Series 9950A Terrace Door.

Envista—WINDOOR’s new impact seamless glazed product—has been selected as a Best of IBS™ Awards finalist within the Best Window & Door Product category. Additionally, it was recognized recently as the Most Innovative Window in Window + Door Magazine’s “2023 Window + Door Awards.”

Note: Since this article was originally written, MITER Brands acquired WINDOOR.